English & español

Language/idioma: Do you want to do your individual or couples therapy in English, you can do it here with me.
Si lo desean, yo les puedo ayudar en castilliano – y podemos hacer la terapía individual o de pareje asi.

Anger? Bitterness? Sadness? Disappointment? Complications in relationships and intimacy? Sexual frustrations? Stress? Anxiety?

As a psychotherapist I arrange sessions and meetings in Denmark and via the internet all over the world. I work and communicate in English, Spanish and Danish. The therapeutic process tools that I use have been developed as a result of as well the latest as of the last 150 year’s best practices and clinical research. They are as simple as they are highly effective and extremely helpful.

Price: A session costs 750 DKK . Students/unemployed: 500 DKK
Contact: Please contact me on +4526705812 or kontakt@ariadneskompas.dk.
Español: Ofrezco terapía en español, asi que me puedes escribir y hablar en español!

Testimonio from a young woman living in Denmark: “Every time I have an individual session with Solveig I dig deeper into myself. Its a joyful journey of enlightenment that one can only take with someone trust worthy like Solveig.”

Magic begins when we start rediscovering ourselves, connecting to our sensations and feelings, understanding our emotions and our responses to what meets us in our life. The expansion if an emotional system that used to be constrained and controlled really is amazing. Sex gets better, wrinkles gain in beauty, age doesn’t really matter when we tap into the life stream. We can connect more intimately not only with ourselves but with other people as well.

Personally I have walked that journey and experienced that change, and I now dedicate my life to helping others doing the same. Every hour of that journey has joyful moments and the decision of seeking guidance and help with your emotion life and existential fears will probably be the best gift you have ever given yourself – and your loved ones.

Price: A session costs 750 DKK. Students/unemployed: 500 DKK
Contact: Please contact me on +4526705812 or kontakt@ariadneskompas.dk.
Castellano: Me puedes escribir y hablar en castellano!